TECNOELEVA is an Italian company born in early ‘90s and today leader in sales, rental and technical maintenance support to machineries used for the lifting of people and/or goods. The headquarters is located in Apulia, in the geographical strategic industrial area of Bari (South-East Italy).

Tecnoeleva warehouse


 TECNOELEVA has served more than 5.000 customers and is present in the South-Italy area with more than 300 vehicles and machineries, with a capacity covering the whole Italian territory with more than 1.000 vehicles thanks to solid and reliable pertnerships with the best firms in the Italian rental lift market such as Socage, Oil&Steel, Haulotte, Genie, CTE, Manitou, Vebra, Electroelsa, and Visa concerning power generators and motorpums. The Company is also member of ASSODIMI (Italian Association of Lift Market mcharteres and dealers).

aerial platforms

The customer can choose from a wide range of factory new machinery, used, ready to use or reconditioned, among which we identify: truck mounted aerial platforms, self propelled platforms, telescopic or frontforklifts, articulated or telescopic cranes, road or off-road, carry deck electric column or a rope, formworks,ladders for moving or elevating material, containers.

ales, rental and technical maintenance support to machineries

All machines in the fleet benefit of scheduled maintenance in the laboratory in terms of hours of workand life cycle of the vehicle, but are also subject to specific settings and, before delivery andimmediately after return, with appropriate checks and tests.

scheduled maintenance

All machines, however, even after the maintenance cycle, before being delivered, are subject to a specific procedure for monitoring of security devices. Mobile maintenance is also a service Tecnoeleva privides directly on-site.

Mobile maintenance

TECNOELEVA is one of the most reliable training centers for Continuing Professional Education for operators, delivering all certificate according to Law.

Training courses

TECNOELEVA is recognized by the number and variety of machines available where the fleet is varied in order to offer its customers a broad range of solutions for the many buildings, such as construction, maintenance, painting, restoration and cleaning buildings, churches, factories, industries, civilian or industrial installations, assembly and maintenance of signs, illuminations, posters and covers advertising, installation and maintenance of wind blades, power stations, steel works, reclamation and disposal of asbestos structures, mounting cranes, pruning and treatment of the green, installation and maintenance of electrical, water, fire, plasterboard, crane assembly and structures of wood or metal etc..


If you want to enhance your business buying a new aerial platform, if you need to rely on a true professional team ready to maintain your machineries, if you want to operate in full safety and secutiry, join our family and let us take care of you!


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